My Teaching Experience

My Teaching Experience in Art & Design

For these past two years I’ve been teaching Fine Art and other related courses at MCAST Art & Design. I taught students of different levels starting from the foundation certificate to degree courses. In addition, I took part and was in charge of various teaching and artistic related activities such as: exhibitions, festivals and also an exchange in Scotland. I consider myself lucky since my job gives me the opportunity to share my artistic education and passion with other young artists. Students are constantly transmitting new energies with young and fresh ideas.


Who am i as a teacher?

(student`s feedback)

“Miss Ruth Ancilleri takes her work very seriously. She gives regular and effective tips and advice to the class as well as to individual students. She’s also very honest in her feedback on the progress of our work.” Jamie Farrugia

“Always ready to listen and give advice, easy to talk to (approachable) and willing to find a compromise if our views diverge.” Matthew Galea

“Ruth is a hardworking teacher and will go out of her way to understand our ideas and concepts especially if it may concern that of a delicate matter.” Sarah Mamo

“Ms Ruth Ancilleri takes on a very interesting approach to teaching. She builds a relationship with the students and shares her personal experiences, strengths and weaknesses with them. Her hands-on approach with teaching drawing skills and techniques is very helpful and illustrative of her overall great teaching capabilities.” Lisa Zammit Endrich

"Knows how to approach students in a very good way, listens, helps and shares ideas, techniques and experience. Carefully solves problems and gives every student individual attention during the lecture." Luca Cauchi

"Whenever I needed references she knew names and places. She also was very knowledgable about books and resources. She is very up to date with what is going on with Fine Arts." Sabrina Calleja Jackson

"Extremely helpful and patient. She goes out of her way to make sure things are of the highest possible standard." George Micallef-Eynaud

"In my opinion, her teaching methods are quite effective, as she leaves the student free to do what he/she has got in mind without restricting or influencing him/her at all, than when he/she presents the work to her, she guide him/her so that he/she would refine the idea and the technique to achieve the best results possible. She were always available when we needed her even if that meant giving from her free time." Ryan Falzon

Fine Art Studio (Art & Design Institute)