activities and events

During these two years of my teaching career I took part and was in charge of various teaching and artistic related activities such as: exhibitions, festivals and also an exchange in Scotland.

Unit 14: Community Art (assignment linked with commisioned work)

St Paul's Bay Primary gets injection of colour (2010)

St Paul’s Bay Primary received an injection of colour this morning, thanks to a Community Art Project by the tutors and students of MCAST’s Institute of Art and Design.
Murals, images, beautiful designs and colours, with clear messages the schoolchildren can appreciate and understand were created by the MCAST students and inaugurated at the school this morning.
Inspired by the magnificent views that surround this school and the multi-cultural element that characterises it, Life is Beautiful was chosen as the theme for the project.
The school explained that this "emanates from the concept of a harmonious relationship among all human beings with nature, in all its facets".

Alfred Camilleri and Ruth Ancillieri were the tutors-in-charge of the project. Stephen Vella and Melanie Mizzi, director and deputy director respectively of the Institute also gave a helping hand.
“A pleasant, colourful and musical event , with excellent organization in various aspects. A truly enjoyable morning for all present!” Alfred Camilleri ( 2010)

Earth Garden (2009)

“As Fine Art students from the MCAST Institute of Art and Design, we’ve come up with the idea of creating a musical environment for all music and earth lovers called ‘The Enchanted Musical Forest’. The concept of this idea was to bring people together through music and at the same time making people aware of the possibilities of reusing any unwanted waste. We’ve produced a number of sketches and research for the instruments and headed off to Waste Serv Malta, Maghtab to collect any materials, which could be useful for the development of our instruments. We’re hoping that this enchanted forest filled with life and vibrant colour will also create a safe and content environment. Our musical instruments are currently under construction and mean while a group of us are teaming up to create a can structure. The idea of this structure initially began from the roots of a tree and will develop into an abstract can structure of shape and form.” Sarah Mamo (fine art student)

(Under the guidance and artistic supervision of Ms Ruth Ancilleri and Artist George Muscat)

 “We chose the recycled instruments for Earth garden after considering the spirit of the festival that is art and music meeting environmental issues, so we thought that making these instruments would fit perfectly. Also, we wanted something interactive that everyone who attends the festival can be part of, rather than something that is stationary.

"Our plan is to create 3 types of percussion one out of metal tanks, one from cardboard tanks and another out of metal tins and cans, so that we have a variety of sounds. Until now, we have sorted out the sound of the metal tanks, and also started to paint them.

Other instruments that are ready are a lot of shakers, made out of plastic bottles and filled with different materials such as old nails, glass and crushed plastic. Also in progress are some huge rattles that are done out of container taps, and can also create sound if there is some breeze, hopefully not a lot though. These rattles are really eye catching, due to the mixture of colours. We also plan to do some seating out of a huge old fishing net and some big tyres.” Ryan Falzon (fine art student)

Earth Garden Press Releases

Exhibitions Involved

Exhibition: "Journey to the end of the night"
Course: HND Fine Art (1yr)
Venue: Mount Carmel Hospital

Exhibition: “10” End of Year Exhibition
Course: HND Fine Art (2yr)
Venue: IL Magazino Waterfront Valletta

Exhibition: MCAST End of Year Exhibition
Venue: St James Cavallier Valletta